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We’re pleased to provide all kinds of repairs, security solutions and disaster recovery so that you can work, play and stay connected safely to the world around you with very little down-time.




Technically Yours Computer Services:
IT Technician in White Rock

Whether it’s for personal use or to run your small business, your computer just has to work. Technically Yours Computer Service and Repairs provides IT solutions in White Rock, British Columbia for computer glitches, bugs, and crashes. Since 2000, I’ve been pleased to provide all kinds of repairs, updates, upgrades, disaster recovery, and backup solutions for PCs, Macs and all laptops – specializing in security, including virus, rootkit and malware recovery, and regular maintenance.

Local Computer Repair

Take the hassle and expense out of computer repair.

Servicing your computer or laptop annually (or bi-annually for a Mac) is a smart approach to avoid those disastrous crashes that always seem to occur right before you need your device the most. I believe good software and good habits can keep your PC in top working order — not to mention protecting you from hacking, identity theft and viruses. Of course, I strongly encourage implementing backup systems as well.

I understand how important your computer is to you, which is why my average turnaround time is one day or less. As most of my clients are repeat customers or referrals, I keep excellent records of past work to ensure personalized service every time.

Quick Turnaround, Competitive Rates

I don’t believe you should ever spend more money on a repair than what your computer is worth. That’s why I offer reasonable flat rates for most major jobs, up to $199. Working from home eliminates a large overhead cost, and I pass those savings on to you. The right tools are not always mobile, so completing repairs at the shop ensures the highest level of workmanship.

You will find that in-home service for something that requires hours to remove properly could cost you more than it would cost for a new laptop or PC. If you get someone who only wants $30 or $40 per hour (on-site), it will be very unlikely that they will be qualified. There are many things that need to be done that can take hours. For example, if your computer has an infection, once you remove the malware from memory, Windows, startup and finally all the browsers, you will need to do a malware scan in safe mode. This can take up to 3 or 4 hours, depending on how large your drive and data are. If your PC is in a shop environment, you will not be charged for the time on the bench needed for such a scan. This is economical for both the client and the technician, as most technicians can work on more than one computer at a time. The average you will pay for a bad malware infection removal is $75 in a shop. On-site service just doesn’t make sense unless money is no object. I have an average one-day turnaround. This means if you drop off by 10am, you can usually pick it up by 4pm

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– Starting at $39.95
– My regular clients get flat rates and all the free advice they need regarding computers and smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi TV, etc. throughout the year.


No charge phone or shop evaluation for general questions.

1-day turnaround in most cases.