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Make your computer run better and faster with regular optimization.

Is your computer painfully slow? Does it take forever for your PC or Mac to start up? Does your computer stop responding now and then? Computers often slow down over time if too many programs are installed, junkware/adware gets installed, your browser cache and temporary internet files accumulate over time, or if your hard drive reaches 90% of capacity.

Computer Optimization in White Rock, British Columbia

The good news if you have a slow PC or Mac is that computer optimization services can make a big difference! Call me at Technically Yours Computer Service and Repairs in White Rock, British Columbia the next time your computer slows down, and I can get it back up and running like it should. Here’s what the computer optimization process usually involves:

  • Evaluating and analyzing your system’s resources
  • Removing unnecessary programs and files during a general system cleanup
  • Optimizing your hard disk performance
  • Full 49-point tune-up
  • Replacing older mechanical hard drives with solid state drives that run at least 10 times faster

Most of my clients use my computer optimization service with regularity; many have been coming for over well over a decade. Regular maintenance of your computer ensures its speed, stability, and reliability and reduces how much time you spend on fixes and maintenance.

Computer optimization doesn’t take long – if you drop off your device in the morning, I can usually have it back to you by the end of the day! Contact me now, and I can tell you more about why computer optimization is a good idea, and we can schedule a time for me to pick up your device.


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