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Let me help you restore lost or corrupted files.

You like to think your computer is impenetrable and you don’t have to worry about it losing your data. Unfortunately, a day might come when a crash, malware or ransomware attack erases (or encrypts) data straight from your hard drive, and you’re left without priceless photos or important data. Choose Technically Yours Computer Service and Repairs, and I can help you recover from many types of data loss situations in White Rock, British Columbia.

Data Recovery in White Rock, British Columbia

My goal is to provide fast, reliable, and affordable data recovery that restores your peace of mind and your lost files. If you lost files because of an accidental overwrite, hard drive failure, fire, or for any other reason, the chances of successful recovery depend on:

  • The extent of the damage
  • How long it’s been since the original event
  • The device’s hardware
  • How much it has been used since the incident

You can improve your chances of successful data recovery by immediately disconnecting your device from the power source as soon as the data loss occurs. Please refrain from running any additional software on your computer to restore the data – this often creates extra problems by overwriting the files. Instead, contact me immediately to discuss what happened, and we’ll go from there to develop a plan for getting your files back.