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If you’re having computer problems, come see me for reliable PC repair services.

Here at Technically Yours Computer Service and Repairs, I understand how much you rely on your computer. While early computers were used for highly technical calculations, today’s personal computers are used for a multitude of purposes, from work to entertainment to keeping in touch with your loved ones. Because of this, problems with your PC can seriously disrupt your routine. Fortunately, if you find yourself dealing with a malfunctioning computer, I’m here to help–I offer effective, speedy PC repair services to get your computer back up and running fast.

PC Repair in White Rock, British Columbia

At Technically Yours Computer Service and Repairs, my goal is to get your computer working again as quickly as possible–my average turnaround time on a PC repair job is one day or less. In addition, I keep excellent records of past work to ensure that you get personalized service every time. Unlike some computer stores or repair chains, I don’t believe that you should ever have to spend more on repairs than your machine is worth, which is why I offer a reasonable flat rate of up to $189 on most major jobs. To eliminate overhead costs, I work from home, and I’m able to pass those savings on to customers like you.

If you are experiencing problems with your computer, I encourage you to come see me at Technically Yours Computer Service and Repairs to find out what’s causing the issue. I am proud to serve the White Rock, British Columbia area, and I offer expert, hands-on PC repair services that will get your computer working again as soon as possible so that you can return to your normal routine.